Powerful Equipment = Powerful Results
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I keep hearing steam cleaning is unhealthy and can leave my carpet moldy?  This is a scare tactic often used by companies that do not offer steam cleaning/hot water extraction.  While it is theoretically possible for this to happen, your carpet would have to be wet for days.  Our process will have your carpet dry in hours.  No other system gets your carpet cleaner, more sanitary or looking better that steam cleaning.  If this was not true, then why would EVERY single carpet manufacturer recommend steam cleaning and require it to maintain their warranties?

When can I schedule an appointment?  Maximum Carpet & Restoration will work around your schedule and we are available most any time to accommodate your needs quickly.  Of course, providing advance notice will help ensure the desired date/time will be available.  Appointments can be set by calling us at (307) 460-8515 or emailing us at jeff@maxcarpets.com

How much does it cost?  Each job is unique, but our up front and by-the-room pricing schedule gives you the ability to easily and quickly estimate the total cost.  Certain jobs, such as water extraction, repairs and exceptionally soiled carpets, typically are charged separately.  We also firmly believe that cost, while important, is not the only factor to consider when choosing who you want to come into your home - you want to know the job will be done right.

How long does it take the carpet to dry?  Most carpets will be dry in a few hours, but it depends on the weather, ventilation, type of carpet fiber and other factors.

What difference does the equipment make?  Several factors go into ensuring your flooring is left clean - hot water temperature, vacuum power, cleaning solutions and the skill of the technician.  At Maximum Carpet & Restoration, we use soft water heated to 235 degrees, have some of the newest and most powerful equipment in the area, industry-leading cleaning solutions and trained technicians.  Powerful equipment = Powerful results.

What forms of payment do you accept?  We prefer cash or check, but also accept most debit/credit cards.

Are you insured?  Yes, Maximum Carpet & Restoration has a general liability policy and commercial insurance on our truck and equipment.

Are your cleaning products safe?  All of our cleaning products are safe and our rinsing agent/soft water leave no residue behind.  However, for those that want an all-natural green product, Maximum Carpet & Restoration does offer it.  Simply request the green products when booking your appointment.  There is no extra charge for this service.

How cold can it be outside?  Our truck-mounted equipment can be safely operated as long as it is 20 degrees or above outside (this can vary depending on wind speed).  This equipment is required for steam cleaning carpets, water extraction and cleaning ceramic tile, upholstery or area rugs.  We can do carpet cleaning with encapsulation and our wood floor cleaning/refinishing in any weather since these do not require our truck-mount to operate.  We have a door sealer for your front door so your house stays warm and we do appreciate it if the sidewalk/access area is shoveled prior to our arrival.

What about the companies advertising fast drying carpet?  Maximum Carpet & Restoration is fully trained and equipped to perform several cleaning methods, including the same 'dry in less than hour' process others advertise.  The difference is we can clean your carpet or floor using the BEST process for your situation, not just one method that may or may not be in your best interest.  And whatever method you choose, you will always get our awesome customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is Maximum Carpet & Restoration approved by my landlord?  Yes we are.  Many landlords in Laramie specifically require truck-mounted steam cleaning in your lease agreement.  Every year we get called in to redo carpets where tenants called in unapproved cleaners and end up having to pay twice for their cleaning.  Don't let this happen to you!  We want the same thing you do - to clean your carpet at a fair price and get your security deposit back.