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Today it seems that there are a thousand carpet cleaning companies claiming their method is the best.  Maximum Carpet & Restoration uses the proven hot water extraction method, commonly known as 'steam cleaning'.  What separates us from the rest is we use some of the newest and most powerful truck-mount equipment on the market.  We then combine that power with high end cleaning products, soft water and technicians trained by IICRC, a global certification and standard-setting non-profit organization for the cleaning industry.


Maximum Carpet & Restoration just does not just come in and 'clean' the carpet, but rather we use a multi-step process that not only ensures your carpets are left professionally cleaned, but will stay cleaner longer by not leaving behind any residue that attracts new soils.


For those customers who are moving out of a rental property and are concerned with getting your security deposit back, you can count on Maximum Carpet & Restoration to help.  We have 18 years of experience in property management and know exactly what landlords are looking for - carpet that is clean, free of spots and stains and smelling fresh.


Standard carpet cleaning is $60.00 for the first room and $30.00 for each additional room.  Rooms over 200 square feet may be counted as two rooms.  Hallways are free in most cases.  Stairs are $3.00 each.  Standard cleaning also includes a pre-vacuum, pre-spray with agitation, steam cleaning and rinsing.  Stain removal requiring additional treatments may incur an additional charge depending on quantity and types of stains.

Urine treatments - $10.00 per room for light to medium urine problems.  We also offer a urine option for those bigger problems at $30.00/up per area. This is more than just a 'spray' - it includes a saturation of the carpet and pad with specialized urine treatment which is then removed with a powerful extraction tool called a water claw.  Due to the unique problems associated with urine stains, Maximum Carpet & Restoration cannot guarantee the stain or associated odor will not return.  

Deodorizer - $10.00 per room.  Choose this option to have a specially formulated deodorizer applied at the end of the cleaning process to have your carpets smelling fresh.  This product not only leaves a fresh scent, but also works to neutralize and eliminate the odors at the source.  This is a popular option for rental houses, houses being sold or houses with unusually strong odors from smoke, pets or cooking.

Carpet Protector - $15.00 per room.  Almost all carpets sold in the last 20 years have been factory treated to be soil and/or stain resistant.  Age, normal wear and tear, vacuuming and cleaning all cause this protection to break down and become less effective over time.  By choosing to have this important protection re-applied after cleaning, you can help ensure that your clean carpet will be easier to maintain and stay cleaner longer.  Maximum Carpet & Restoration uses 3M ScotchGard, the most trusted and popular carpet protector in the industry.

Heavy Soiling/Traffic - $40.00/up per job.  Some carpets are just plain dirty.  Fortunately, Maximum Carpet & Restoration has the right tools for the job.  For carpets that are exceptionally stained or soiled, choose this option and we will first clean the affected areas with a power scrubber that will then allow our standard cleaning process to finish the job.

Commercial Jobs - Maximum Carpet & Restoration will come to your place of business and go over all of your needs and customize a program that works for you.  In addition to the popular steam cleaning method, we also offer encapsulation, which is a great maintenance cleaning option that is inexpensive, fast drying and effective.  Please be assured that we are fully insured.

Quick Clean - have guests coming over?  have a few rooms that need a touch-up?  Our new quick clean service is for you.  This money-saving option will refresh your carpet & traffic lanes and be dry in about an hour.  Click here for more information on this new and exciting service. 

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